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A bit about Geekanoids...
Geekanoids has been publishing technology, gadget and Mac related news and reviews since 2005. The majority of our content is video based reviews, although checking back regularly is recommended as daily news updates are published to the website. You will also find Opinion articles covering the latest views of the technology world. Since its inception, the website and YouTube Partner Channel has grown in popularity year-on-year and now attracts over one million views per month.

Dave Cryer (Owner/Editor)

 Starting out all those years back on the Amiga, running a fan club and specialist Amiga magazine called Amigamaniac, the trend was set to be heavily involved in publishing. Dave actually purchased his first Amiga from the prestigious Harrods store in London, not renowned for it cheap prices, but first with new tech back in the day. Then in the early 90's Dave moved over to the Mac, with a PowerMac 7600… from this date onward he never looked back. “I follow Apple very closely and have had more or less every incarnation of Macintosh ever released, apart from the 20th Anniversary model, which I would like to pick up on ebay in the future”, says Dave, who prides himself on one of the tidiest desks in the UK.

Dave currently runs Geekanoids, a tech based website & YouTube Network Channel. "My vision for Geekanoids is to bring unbiased product reviews to viewers so that they can make informed buying decisions.  The Geekanoids Channel and Geekvloggz (personal) Channel will be continually developed to include the latest tech news and opinion. It is my goal to make this the FIRST place to visit for the best technology related content".

Favourite products: MacBook Pro, iPod touch, TimeCapsule. 
Areas of expertise: Quark Xpress, networking and getting gadgets to work without reading the instructions.

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Pamela Cryer (Contributing Editor)
Pamela has been using Apple products for the last three years and has a good working knowledge of both the OSX platform and Windows. With a keen eye for design & photography, you will often find her with an Olympus PEN in hand.
Favourite hardware: MacBook Air
Favourite gadget: iPhone 4S 

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Daniel Foggin (Content Partner)
Dan got a first taste for reviewing tech whilst moaning about the circular mouse on his Dad's iMac G3 as a three year old, and has since gone on to do much of the same. Three years ago, he started making YouTube videos out of curiosity and to have a play with iMovie on his shiny new MacBook Pro. The review soon reached 10000 views and from then on he had the bug. Any new bit of tech to enter any part of the extended family would have to be politely 'borrowed' then unboxed and reviewed to satisfy the craving. He also began doing written reviews on the inventively named, shortly moving to the website which took off with similar success to his YouTube channel. Today, he is one of the many under 18 tech reviews on YouTube trying to make a name for himself through as many media outlets as possible.

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The Geekanoids Award Program

At Geekanoids we test a lot of products. The results of these tests can be seen in the video reviews, both published on this very website and also on our YouTube Partner Channel. 

When the product we test meets or exceeds certain criteria, it is awarded either a Bronze, Silver of Gold Award. These aren't handed out very often, so if a product has one of these awards then the company are onto a real winner. 

In summary, a product can still be very good and not get an award. If a product still scores very highly, maybe even getting 9/10, it could still miss out on an award if it doesn't impress the reviewer. Nowadays, the market is saturated in some areas with a lot of choice for the consumer. There are so many cameras, camcorders, mobile phones and other gadgets available, that ultimately, to win an award, a manufacturer has to make their offering really "stand out from the crowd". 

Testing procedure
The product is unpacked and set-up if possible without the use of instructions. However, if needed, the instructions need to be clear and concise. 
During testing the product should meet all of the manufacturers claims and perform as promised. If something doesn't quite work as expected, we publish this in the review, but if it does not change the end result, an award (albeit not a Gold) could still be awarded. 
We use the product on test for a good length of time, so that we can give you (the viewer) a good idea of its performance. 
All of the reviews are unbiased, we always publish true results that can be trusted to be as accurate as possible. 

If a product performs well, but maybe has a couple of little misgivings, that do no effect the overall end result, then a Bronze Award could be given. Think of 'Bronze' as a product acheiving an overall score of 8/10. 

When something almost gets full marks, then expect to see a Silver Award. For example, maybe a mobile phone does everything exceptionally well, but is let down by poor photo quality from its camera. So long as the camera is not advertised as the main feature, then it could still get a Silver Award from us. Think of this as a 9/10 score, or even as high as a 9.9/10. 

Only the best of the bunch get a Gold Award. The product must work flawlessly in every aspect during the tests. The only exception is if we have a wish for a future revision. Maybe we test something that does not have HDMI, so it is mentioned in the review that the manufacturer really should include it next time around. So long as this does not detract from the overall performance then a Gold Award could still be given. Think of our Gold Award as the highest accolade... not only 10/10, but far exceeding the testers expectations. At this level the pricing is also important, if something offers superb value for money, then this has to be recognised.


The screenshot below is for 3rd January to 3rd February 2011. You will see that during this period the videos on the channel had over 1,000,000 views, with an average of around 110,000 views per day. The total number of views on the channel to date is over 13million.


The rate of subscribers to the channel is rising at a very fast rate. In this period alone the Geekanoids channel gained 1,373 new subscribers. Whenever a new video is uploaded to the channel it appears in the subscribers feed, so they can discover our new videos very easily.


The screenshot below gives you a good insight into the demographics of our viewers. The age range is very well spread, this is down to the excellent variety of videos that are featured on the channel. Though it is apparent that we have primarily a male audience (at 86%) compared to our female viewers which is still a healthy 14% of total views. In terms of country specifics, the United States brings us the most views, closely followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and Italy.


This final screenshot shows how viewers discover our videos. Around 51% are discovered on the YouTube website itself, either through search or related videos. An interesting figure is that 11% of viewers watch on mobile devices, so our videos are now everywhere!!!
YouTube Featured Videos accounts for 10.7% of our video discovery, so it shows that our content is highly rated and certainly helps viewers discover Geekanoids content.