Sony RX10 ii Unboxing Reveals new 4K Powerhouse

The Sony RX10 Mark 2 just hit the Geekanoids studio and thanks to Park Cameras we have one of the first unboxing videos on YouTube. Check out the video below to see what you get inside the box and for a look around this powerful piece of kit.

I really want to make sure that you do not overlook this camera. Many advise the purchase on a DSLR or Interchangeable Lens Camera, only to find that you just use one lens, more often than not, the kit lens. What you get with the Sony RX10ii is a bridge camera, with a fixed lens. However, this is an impressive piece of glass and has a constant f2.8 aperture throughout the zoom range. Sony also included a stacked image sensor on this second gen RX10. This equates to DRAM being stacked on the sensor, resulting is a 5x faster readout than conventional models. 

OK, enough of the tech talk. This new beast of a camera delivers 4K internal video recording, a gorgeous lens, microphone input and headphone monitoring output too. Everything you need to capture extremely high quality video. The lens resolves a lot of detail too, so your videos have the potential to exceed the quality of a DSLR with a larger sensor costing twice the price. Add to this high speed frame rate capture (so you can do those crazy slo-mo videos), plus a decent 20-megapixel camera and it is a very compelling proposition. Stay locked to The Geekanoids Channel for indoor & outdoor 4K video tests soon.

Charge your Devices Safely - Apple Meltdown

I anticipate that this will be an ever evolving article, which I will update from time-to-time with advice and any developments that come from Apple.

A short while ago I awoke to a partially melted Apple USB-to-Lightning cable. This resulted in some plastic peeling off the cable and adhering to my skin. In addition, plenty of phone calls to and from Apple took place. Check out my initial video below.

Following on from the initial phone calls, I was amazed at Apples initial response. Their engineers had stated that this was caused by "external sources". This almost rendered me speechless, but I pushed for a resolution and detail this in the video below.

For the safety of others, I will be following this up with Apple further. I want it taken seriously, as this could have been so much worse and could of course happen to others. 

This is where you come in … please use the comment system below or use our contact page to share you experiences with Apple cables and related products. Have you had this happen to you? Get in touch and we will feature as many as we can.

WD Re-Designs World's No. 1 Selling Portable Hard Drive

Western Digital (NASDAQ:WDC) company, and world leader in storage solutions, today introduced the new, redesigned My Passport® Ultra portable hard drives and My Passport for Mac drives. With the My Passport line now in its 7th generation, the My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac portable hard drives are now available in capacities up to 3 TB and in four stylish colours - Classic Black, Brilliant White, Wild Berry and Noble Blue. WD is also introducing a new optional accessory – WD Grip Pack – a soft band, available in a variety of colours, which encircles the drive, offering consumers an easy way to personalise their My Passport drives.

“With more photos being taken than ever before, it’s critical to have a high capacity, reliable external storage solution that you can carry everywhere,” said Tony Tate, general manager and vice president of Content Storage Solutions at WD. “The latest generation My Passport drives deliver an easier automatic back-up experience, hardware-based encryption for security and higher capacities than ever before. Consumers can keep all their content in their pockets, while expressing their personal styles with the colours and WD Grip Pack.”

My Passport Ultra portable drives come in 3 TB, 2 TB, 1 TB and 500 GB capacities and feature 256-bit AES hardware encryption – delivering a high level of security with no impact to write-speed or CPU activity. If your My Passport Ultra falls into the wrong hands, the 256-bit AES hardware encryption protects users’ files, folders, photos, videos and music with a password known only to them. USB 3.0 compatibility provides fast data transfer rates of up to 5 gigabits per second, while being backwardly compatible with USB 2.0. My Passport for Mac portable drives are available in capacities of 3 TB, 2 TB, 1 TB and also feature 256-bit AES hardware encryption with USB 3.0 connectivity.

Sold separately, the WD Grip Pack accessory for My Passport Ultra is available in five colours (smoke, slate, grape, sky and fuchsia) and, when wrapped around one of the four colours of My Passport Ultra drives, enables consumers to create a total of twenty possible colour combinations. The WD Grip Pack comes with a colour-matched 18-inch flat USB 3.0 cable, creating a stylish complete solution. 

My Passport Ultra’s built-in WD Backup software is a simple-to-use application with focus on reducing frustration when setting up a backup plan to preserve data. Since 31% of devices have had malware at some point, having your data safely backed up onto a secondary device like a My Passport drive is critical to preserving precious data.

Pricing and Availability

My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac portable drives are available today in the WD store at  and at select retailers, including Amazon (My Passport Ultra:, My Passport Ultra for Mac: and distributors. My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac have a Manufacturer’s Suggest Retail Price (MSRP) ranging from £59.99 up to £159.00 depending on capacity (3 TB capacity available next month). Both the My Passport Ultra and My Passport for Mac will offer a 3-year limited warranty. Terms and conditions of WD’s limited warranty may be found at WD Grip Pack accessories will be available in June and will have an MSRP of £9.99. 

1. 3 TB will be available next month
2. Colours only available on the My Passport Ultra 
3. Password must be set in order to use encryption.

Interactive Games On The Android Operating System

Image Credit: Richtaur

Image Credit: Richtaur

Mobile devices are the gaming public's favourite way to play these days, with millions, if not billions, of people across the world enjoying using their smartphones and tablets to game. Of all of these devices, the majority run on Google's Android operating system, a fast, sleek OS that has won over the hearts of mobile users thanks to its great levels of functionality, great for all manner of tasks, including gaming. So which are the best games that run on Android?


Long plotlines and gameplay that facilitates the dipping in and out of the game - great for mobile users on the go - RPGs are very popular on Android. Dungeon Hunter 5, where players take on the role of a bounty hunter hoping to reunify a war-torn land, bears close semblance to the Diablo series, whilst 80 Days, a more literature-like title based around Jules Verne's "Around The World in 80 Days" is great for players who enjoy getting truly lost in character and story.

Play For Cash

The truest, newest kind of casual game, titles in which players can earn money playing have proved very popular with the gaming public in the past decade. If you enjoy games such as bingo, try out Coral, a lovely, rather lucrative site where players can socialise, play and take advantage of all manner of promotions released each day. If paid-for isn't your purview, try the completely free, very highly regarded Roulette Royale - Casino. Play with bots or with friends, competing for bragging rights and leader board places!


There will always be a large audience of people who get their kicks from blowing stuff up, and Android caters very well for this clique. World Of Tanks Blitz is completely free, yet features all the tanks, graphics and physics that we've come to love in the PC version, plus 7 vs. 7 multiplayer! For those that enjoy contemporary combat, definitely download Modern Combat 5: Blackout, another title that's completely free. Awesome fire fights and console quality rendering, plus the choice to play either a single player campaign or a multiplayer match, makes this a true classic.


Passing time on the commute was never so much fun with titles such as Threes! Where, players move numbered tiles, adding them up in order to make larger multiples of three. Very addictive. Finally, The Room Two, a game from Fireproof Games that has players following a trail of cryptic letters provided by a scientist.

Do you know any other games that Android lovers simply must download? Let us know what they are in the comments section!

The Gear You Want for Ultimate Gaming Comfort

Image credit: Mario

Image credit: Mario

Paying proper attention to videogames is, as it should be, the number one concern of many dedicated gamers in the UK. As every proper player knows, you can spend hours glued to the screen, forsaking human comforts as you battle through the demands of Call of Duty.

But wait! It need not be this way. Oh, we’re not saying you should spend a minute less online, but now, you can do it in comfort and style. Consider these valuable accessories to truly up your game…


A really good chair

As office workers know, sitting in the wrong chair at the wrong height for a long time can affect your health, giving you back ache and a poor posture. But though if you’re sitting at a desk playing from your laptop a good ergonomic office chair is a good option, what you really need is a special gaming chair. The X-Rocker Wireless II Gaming Chair features surround sound, a sub woofer, and wireless capability, for a fantastic multi media experience.  

Something to keep your energy up

Of course, ultimately the best thing for anyone is a healthy home cooked meal, cooked from scratch, but let’s face it: During a tricky moment in Zelda it’s essential that you don’t stir from your chair. You could call for a pizza, but even answering the door takes valuable time. The answer lies in grabbing an energy boosting health drink which can just sit by the console sp you can sip and improve concentration without affecting your score. 

The right outfit

When you’re sitting at home and no-one can see you, it’s fine to just slob out in any old t shirt and trackie bottom, right? Wrong. As motivational coaches up an down the country will tell you, it’s important to dress for success and for these reason we recommend wearing the right clothing for the job. Like this Mario-style t-shirt. It will help you assume the character of your favourite, er character, and once you are in the correct mindset of a plump Italian plumber, success is (almost) absolutely guaranteed.

The best speakers

Sound on games has evolved beyond the loveable bleeps and beeps of the past which could be turned off when they got too annoying with not much effect on play into a fully integrated part of the gaming experience. We love these Harmon Kardon sound sticks because they look totally sci fi and we think that they’re like something Dr Who would have, if Dr Who needed perfect sound to enjoy his MMORPG properly. Aesthetics aside, the speakers perform really well and are easy to install.

Well, that’s our list of favourites. What are your gaming essentials? Do you agree that these are all you need for a good night in or would you add anything?