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Samsung Galaxy S - Video 4 - Signal Reception

I have published this video, not to show you that the Samsung Galaxy S has any signal problem (like the iPhone 4), but to show you that all mobile phones are susceptible to fluctuations in signal strength. I also take a look at the menu on the Galaxy S that show the dBm and asu readings.

Supplied by: Clove Technology


Samsung Galaxy S - Video 3 - Camera & HD Video Footage

Samsung Galaxy S - Video 3. In this video I show you the camera in action, all of the settings, plus actual HD video footage and photos taken with the Galaxy S.

Supplied by: Clove Technology


Samsung Galaxy S - Video 2 - Texting, Swype and Write & Go

Samsung Galaxy S - Video 2 - In this video I show you how the mobile phones handles texting with its touch QWERT keyboard. I also check out Samsung's Swype and the Write & Go App.

Supplied by: Clove Technology


Samsung Galaxy S - Video 1 - Unboxing & Product Tour

The Galaxy S is Samsung's latest Android based mobile phone, in this video I unbox the product and give you a product tour.

Supplied by: Clove Technology

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