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PDO Sporteer Armband Case Review

PDO Sporteer Armband Case Review ... if you are a keep fit type of person, then the Sporteer could be just what you need. Check out our review of this armband case for the Apple iPhone, iPod and other smartphones.

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Apple 7th Generation 2012 iPod Nano Review 

Apple 7th Generation 2012 iPod Nano Review ... 

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Apple 7th Generation 2012 iPod Nano Unboxing & First Look

When the 6th Gen Nano came out, the world suddenly realised that it could become a watch for the geeks. With so many accessories released. Then Apple turned things upside down again with the 7th generation of their tiny MP3 player. Gone is the sqaure shape, so well suited to a watch face and in comes a longer, sleeker design with round icons. Check out our unboxing & first look below, along with some high resolution photos showing all the Apple goodness.









See even more high resolution photos here

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Belkin Mini Dock Review for iPod & iPhone

Belkin Mini Dock Review for iPod & iPhone

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Philips SHE9000 In-Ear Earphones Review

Philips SHE9000 In-Ear Earphones Review.

Buy your Philips SHE9000 here

Guest Review by Dale

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WeSC Chambers by RZA Premium Headphones Review

WeSC Chambers by RZA Premium Headphones Review ... check out my review of these top-end headphones.

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iRemoco The Remote Control Helicopter for iPhone iPod & iPad

Remoco is a superb remote control helicopter with a small dock accessory that allows you to control it with your Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Check out this interview with the developers and a full hands-on demo of the helicopter and app in action. This project is funded by Kickstarter so please do check out the link below for details of how you can get involved.

Guest Interview by Craig

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Belkin RockStar Review - for iPod & MP3 Players


iPod Classic Video Review - Most Popular 2007

Our most popular video review of 2007 was the iPod Classic. We got so much feedback from this review that I was amazed at just how many people appreciated the honest look we took of the user interface. Enjoy!


Protect your iPod or iPhone with a GeekPouch

Head on over to this new section is the Geekanoids Shop to take a look at our GeekPouches. Put simply, they are a cotton corduroy pouch to slip your iPod or iPhone into, protecting it from those nasty little scratches. The pouch is not going to break the technology barrier, but it makes a lot of sense to keep your Apple kit in good condition. Not only does it look good, but also increases resale value, should you choose to upgrade in the future.

The GeekPouch is available for the iPod touch, 3rd gen iPod Nano, iPod Classic, 5th gen iPod Video and the iPhone. Prices across the board are £5.99 including UK delivery or £10.99 including international delivery.
Check out the video footage below.


Apple iPod Classic First Look & Video Review

The new iPod Classic from Apple landed in the Geekanoids office today, and being a big iPod fan I was eager to bring you this first look. We show you the 160GB silver version, including an unboxing to show exactly what you get for your money, the new user interface, and our overall impression of this new device. In case you are not quite up to speed, the new iPod Classic is available in black or silver, with 80GB and 160GB versions available.

Just imagine having 160GB to store all your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and photos. Sit back and enjoy the video !

Product: Apple iPod Classic 160GB
Price: £229.00
Available from: AppleStore UK


TechStyle Classic iPod Case - Video Review

We love our iPods, and we need to protect them, but it is essential that we do this in style. Enter the TechStyle Classic by Speck Products and you have a high quality leather case. Does it fit right, is it useful, what is the quality like. Take a look at our Video Review which gives you an insight into exactly what you get for your money.

Product: TechStyle Classic case
Price: $34.95
Supplied by: Speck Products