Geekanoids has been publishing technology, gadget and geeky related content since 2005. In fact, we are one of the longest running UK tech channels. 
The way in which we consume content is ever changing, especially in this fast-paced world of technology. The content on Geekanoids is forever evolving too, checking our main channel on a daily basis is definitely advisable.

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Dave Cryer (Owner/Editor)

Starting out all those years back on the Amiga, running a fan club and specialist Amiga magazine called Amigamaniac, the trend was set to be heavily involved in publishing. Dave actually purchased his first Amiga from the prestigious Harrods store in London, not renowned for it cheap prices, but first with new tech back in the day. Then in the early 90's Dave moved over to the Mac, with a PowerMac 7600… from this date onward he never looked back. “I follow Apple very closely and have had more or less every incarnation of Macintosh ever released, apart from the 20th Anniversary model, which I would like to pick up on ebay in the future”, says Dave, who prides himself on one of the tidiest desks in the UK.

Dave currently runs Geekanoids, a tech based website & YouTube Network Channel. "My vision for Geekanoids is to bring unbiased product reviews to viewers so that they can make informed buying decisions.  The Geekanoids Channel and Geekvloggz (personal) Channel will be continually developed to include the latest tech news and opinion. It is my goal to make this the FIRST place to visit for the best technology related content". 

Not content with standing still, the type of videos is ever evolving. A mix of traditional videos (now delivered in 4K) alongside live broadcasts and geeky vlogs keep things fresh and engaging.

In 2015 the Luxury Lifestyle Channel was also launched, covering my passion and personal interest in high quality products and fashion. I am also a watch collector, so find it very enjoyable exploring the fine art of watchmaking.

Favourite products: MacBook Pro, iPhone 6s Plus, Apple TimeCapsule. 

Areas of expertise: Video production & editing, social media engagement & campaigns, digital influencer.

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