The Geekanoids Channel is very well established and is one of the longest running tech channels in the UK. Attracting on average 30,000 views per day and peaking at an impressive 110,000. The channel as a whole has over 62 million video views and over 100,000 subscribers. In addition to this, Geekanoids has over 20,000 Twitter followers, plus dedicated Facebook & Instagram accounts to encourage viewer participation.

Content on Geekanoids is varied, including full technology product reviews, event coverage, how to guides & the latest news. Just take a look at some of the videos and read the comments to see how the community gets involved. In addition we are part of a larger network, which all helps in the promotion of our videos. Plus three further partnered channels … Luxury Lifestyle … plus DailyTechTV & GeekVloggz.

If you have your own YouTube Channel - Geekanoids Can Help!

A new video is published to the channel every day and we are happy to offer sponsor placements to other YouTuber's. This is ideal for YouTube Partners who want to increase their audience and revenue streams. For a small fee of £25 (payable via PayPal) your Channel Name and/or Twitter @Name will be featured in one video.
You will get a good shoutout at toward the beginning of the video. Example: "This video is sponsored by please check out their channel for great videos, you can also follow them on Twitter by follow @YourTwitterName".

This will give you superb exposure, driving viewers your way and increasing your followers too.

If you would like even more exposure for your business, services, products, channel and/or website, we also offer the following options; 
One minute at the start of a Geekanoids video, promoting what you do… £100.
Two minutes at the start of a Geekanoids video, promoting what you do… £200.
A five minute (approx) video appraisal of what you do, nothing else discussed within the video, it is solely for your exposure … £400.
All of these services include promotion of the video through our social network accounts.

If you would like to sponsor a Geekanoids Video, simply click here to email us.

Please include your name, email address, telephone number (optional), your YouTube Channel name, Twitter name, Website Address (optional) and a message detailing what you would like to promote. Somebody will respond to your enquiry within 48 business hours.