Foursome of Apple Announcements

Sorry, it has been such a long time since I last posted any updates.
It has been very hectic of late with so many Apple updates as well as new StickiT skins for the Apple iPod Video.

So what have we got from Apple, to top out the awesome Nano.

First up is beefed up spec PowerBooks. The 12" unfortunately gets nothings, whereas the 15" and 17" get higher resolution and higher brightness displays, dual layer superdrives, DDR2 memory, better (and faster) choice of hard drives, as well as some minor internal changes and a new sleep mode feature. The sleep mode feature takes a snapshot of your current work when you put the PowerBook to sleep, so you can change batteries without losing data.

...So not a massive update for the PowerBook, but still worthwhile.

Then there was the announcement of Dual Core PowerMacs and a Dual Core Dual Processor BEAST OF A MACHINE which will really fly. New max memory and superb graphics cards will certainly see this latest revision keep people happy until MacTel next year.

Aperture next, now this sounds exciting, Professional RAW image management and processing. Definitely not a Photoshop competitor, but something for pros to add to their digital workflow that looks the business. I will take a more in depth look at this in a separate article.

Almost forgot, the iPod Video, or as Apple put it "iPod with Video". Superb (if a little small) screen, nice and bright, new slimline cases with flat front (similar to the Nano) and available in black and white.

Just quickly before I sign off, StickiT skins (as previously posted for the Nano) are also now available for the iPod Video, so head on over to ebay to get your order in now.