iTango Dock for iPod Launched - Mac Expo

iTango launched its' new iTango Dock today for the iPod Nano and full size 5th Generation iPod (with video). A few things make this neat looking dock unique. You can actually dock your iPod whilst keeping it in the case. On the stand were docked iPods in silicone and hard cases. Both of the docks are in a nice domed shape, with an integrated cable tidy.
The smaller Nano dock comes with two inserts for use with or without an iPod case. The larger dock comes with five inserts. The unit looks very pleasing to the eye and is available now in white, with a black version shipping at the end of November.
iTango Dock for iPod Nano will retail for around £23.
iTango Dock for the 5th Gen iPod will retail for around £25.
Check out full details here.