Google Video, Google Maps, SketchUp - Wow!

Google made their first UK exhibition this year, with what could only be described as the 'most colourful stand' at the show.
Throughout the three days their theatre, complete with google colour, comfy cushions, showcased their complete product line-up. Google Maps got a brilliant reception from the crowd.

My favourite google application was SketchUp, which offers some superb 3D drawing features, with great integration with the google online community. You can upload you creations to share with millions. The standard version of SketchUp is free, whilst SketchUp Pro 5 costs £315 ($499). It is available for Mac or PC. The Mac version is PPC, but runs pretty good under Rosetta. A universal version will be released early next year.
This was a really 'good feel' stand and certainly was creating a lot of buzz.
Check SketchUp out here.