Razorlab - laser engrave your Mac

Razorlab, who I mentioned briefly in my day one Mac Expo report, deserve another mention as one of those unique companies. They offer a service that should appeal to the Mac community on two fronts.

First up, individuality. We all know how owning a Mac makes you feel special. We may be a minority (at the moment), but we are the wiser, creative types. So what more could one want, than a really individual designed Mac laptop or iPod.
Razorlab's iTattoo service laser engraves a design onto your laptop lid, or perhaps the back of your iPod. You can supply your own design, or choose from a growing library of artist images (or tattoos).

Secondly, the fact you have something unique engraved onto your gear, makes it instantly recognizable. A would be thief may well think twice before nabbing your expensive gear, which is great.

The service price range from £25 to £50 for iPods, with laptops from £75 to £200. Choosing a library image adds a VERY reasonable £10.

You can contact the guys at www.razorlab.co.uk or see the service in action at the following venues, where you can take your gear and have it done while-u-wait;

Selfridges, London - 28th to 29th October.
DesignersBlock, Tokyo - 1st to 5th November.