Quark Xpress Windows & Mac in One Box

Quark Inc. have announced the introduction of platform-independent licenses and packaging for QuarkXPress 7. This change is a result of the company’s on-going commitment to improve licensing policies and procedures for customers and channel partners.

“In an effort to provide our customers with the most efficient and effective way to use QuarkXPress at home and at work, we are providing platform-independent licensing,” said Jürgen Kurz, Quark senior vice president of desktop products. “Creative minds should be free to design and innovate on any platform, and Quark is continuing to provide that freedom with our creative tools.”

Quark has listened to customer needs by introducing the platform-independent licensing. Now, individual QuarkXPress users can double-activate one license on different platforms at no additional cost; customers can use the same QuarkXPress 7 license on Windows or Mac OS — or both. In addition, because of another recent change regarding Quark licenses, previous versions of QuarkXPress can run under the same license when users are upgrading to QuarkXPress 7.

To learn more about QuarkXPress 7 and how to purchase or upgrade, click here.

A fully functional 30-day evaluation version of QuarkXPress 7, including the new Universal release for Intel based Macs, is available for download here.