EazyDraw Version 2.1.3 Released

EazyDraw, quoted as ‘MacDraw on Steroids’ moved to a new version 2.1 today.

New features in V2.1 include a Free Transform capability to apply shear, skew, stretch and rotate distortions to images and other graphics. Soft bitmap shadows, an added shadow method for very high quality drop shadows. Expanded Arrows support for user defined arrows; plus the ability to apply shapes as “brushes” along the path of any graphic, including a progressive sequential distortion transform applied to successive shapes along a path. The new custom Arrow menu is provided with over 20 new Factory arrow shapes. Revamped Dash palette that allows the user unlimited capability to define any sequence of line-space dash patterns.
Also added is the ability to save named, Arrows, Dashes, Gradients, Shadows and Transforms. Significant performance improvement for large drawings and working with groups of thousands of graphics. Smart Zoom toolbar button that displays the zoom percentage in the user customizable toolbar.

All the new features are fully documented in the online help and explained in more detail here on the EazyDraw website. To download the new version 2.1.3 click here.