Tovo Internet Phone Launches Today in Tesco

Basingstoke, 6 November 2006 – Mobiboo Mobile, the UK’s first WiFi mobile VoIP operator, announces the launch of tovo – the first-of-its-kind mobile Internet phone that will save consumers hundreds of pounds a year in phone charges. Mobiboo Mobile estimates that consumers can save an average of 30% on their mobile charges and up to 50% on fixed line charges if they switch to the new tovo service – which for some people will equate to savings of £360 a year*. Two new tovo handsets are available from today, initially at 19 Tesco stores nationwide, and online at

The new Mobiboo offerings are the tovo t450g PocketFone and the tovo t1000 HomeFone Plus. Both tovo phones combine the freedom of a mobile with the quality of a landline, doing everything mobile, Internet and home phones do; but much cheaper and with the added bonus of free calls. Using tovo, even an average-use customer can save £168 per year on their mobile and fixed line usage; and an above-average user (twice the number of average calls) can save £360 per year.

Anyone with access to WiFi at home, at work or a WiFi hot spot can use a tovo phone to call any other phone anywhere in the world at low rates. All calls between tovo and Mobiboo customers are free; there are no roaming charges when abroad; and incoming calls are received for free from any phone worldwide.

tovo makes communication borderless - bringing an end to unnecessarily high roaming charges while travelling. The service also significantly reduces home and office call costs, with rates from as little as 2p per minute locally and internationally. And tovo customers benefit from the same UK tariffs wherever they are in the world

With both tovo offerings there are no restrictive long-term contracts, but a choice of pay-as-you-go or monthly packages to suit your lifestyle. For example, if you’re planning to go abroad or on a business trip you might choose an international package for one month to ensure that you get free calls or the best worldwide call rates. The very next month customers can choose a lower price package to suit their needs. Accounts can be checked and managed online so users are always in control.

Consumers can easily top up their phones either with a free call direct from their handset, online at, at any Tesco store or at e-top up locations (from 2007). For a basic UK pay-as-you-go package there is no monthly charge and local calls are 2p per minute with international tier 1 calls at 5p per minute. Monthly package customers can benefit from free UK, mobile and international calls.

tovo customers can also choose to have a geographic landline number as well as a mobile number connected to them. The handsets will receive calls to either number wherever you are, at home or abroad. When using tovo at home or in the office, you don’t need to turn on your laptop or PC as it will connect to your WiFi network.

For anyone concerned that they might not always have access to WiFi, the best option is the tovo PocketFone t450g dual mode phone. You just insert your ordinary mobile SIM card into the tovo handset and it will automatically switch between the normal mobile network and WiFi, ensuring that you always have coverage.

This solution enables the use of mobile features such as e-mail and Internet browsing through WiFi broadband connections, with the added benefit of greater bandwidth and cost savings. Text messaging will continue to work through the normal mobile network, although Mobiboo Mobile plans to launch text messaging between its’ customers at very competitive prices during 2007.

The tovo services
tovo t450 PocketFone combines the best of your home phone and Internet phone with the best of your mobile service. It’s a new generation mobile phone that uses WiFi where available and your normal mobile network everywhere else via a single handset. Calls are free or at a low price and can be made and received worldwide. It’s your Internet phone in your pocket, and also a fully functional mobile phone with camera, text and email. The innovative dual mode handset, which will work worldwide, is manufactured for Mobiboo by Pirelli Broadband Solutions. It can be purchased from selected Tesco stores as a pay-as-you-go boxed set complete with desktop charger and other accessories for £159.95.

tovo t1000 HomeFone Plus is a next generation mobile phone for use at home, in the office, or when abroad. The handest offers the capabilities of a traditional landline phone but with the added benefits of free calls to other tovo users and mobility within WiFi areas. It’s the internet phone in your pocket - essentially replacing your old world fixed telephone line and internet phone with a low-cost “mobile landline”. The high quality handset is manufactured for Mobiboo by UTStarcom, and is sold as a pay-as-you-go boxed set for £79.95.

Nothing on the Tesco site yet, but check out Tovo's site here.