Wii Sports - Wii will get fit !

So we have had a long (and tiring) weekend with the Nintendo Wii and under normal circumstances we would exit Sunday fresh for the new week ahead. Things are different now we have the Wii, for a change everyone who played is knackered. All weekend the game that got the biggest play-time was Wii Sports Bowling, this game is just so addictive. Such a simple concept, swing your arm, release the bowling ball, knock down the pins. The main difference here, is that you do it from the comfort of your own home, and it is fun! There are additional controls like angling the Wii Remote to spin and curve your ball, plus an extra training mode with Power Bowling, where the number of pins steadily increases.
Baseball was our second favourite, where timing is absolutely crucial. One player pitches, the other is determined to hit that home run. Again great fun, with curve balls, and different angle hits.
Tennis is pretty good too, but we struggled with two players, let alone four, with just not enough room to avoid knocking into each other. You really need a big screen to enjoy four player tennis.
Golf and Boxing got a short look in, but just didn't seem that well put together, somewhat an after-thought. Of the two Golf seemed the better choice, where actually swinging the Remote at different speeds determined the power of your shot.
All in all, Wii Sports is a great game, made even better by the fact that it is free with the Wii console. The biggest difference to the console wars this Christmas is that you will be running around your lounge, burning off all that Christmas dinner. Thanks to Nintendo we can all get fit and have fun at the same time.