iLink plus modified iPod launched

MSB Technology today launched its iLink, a combination of dock and modification to your iPod, which promises a true digital audio output and improved sound...
The iLink "is the world’s only iPod docking station that offers a true digital audio output. This is done by modifing the iPod to allow digital audio to be sent to the iLink and output via toslink optical, coaxial or balanced AES/EBU format. With this output, audiophiles can transform their iPods into a high-end source and achieve sound reproduction on a par with a good CD transport. The iLink comes with an RF transmitter that allows the iPod to be moved around the listening room while still maintaining the best audio quality available."
The iLink costs $1995 which includes the iPod modification, or it can be bought as a package supplied with a pre-modified iPod. This is a lot of money to invest, but I am sure some audiophiles will be tempted.