How good is Apple's New MacBook Paint Job

So, my new black MacBook just arrived (had to resist the temptation of calling it a BlackBook there). Now I am a real Mac fanboy, so my views are often biased on Mac products. In my ideal world everyone would use a Mac, and I am often trying to convert people at every opportunity. Heck, I even lend out an old PowerBook to people, just to give them a taste (and when they find out the PBook they have been using is four years old, they often make the jump).

Anyway, back on track, I ordered a black MacBook and boy oh boy is it a sexy looking machine. The anticipation of opening a new Mac, expecially after the shipping wait, is really high. Unwrapping so carefully, then opening for the first time, then the big DISAPPOINTMENT. A tiny, but noticeable blob of black paint on the corner, to the right of the trackpad.

After about an hour of trying to convince myself it was not that bad, I came to the conclusion that it would bug the hell out of me, so on the phone. I must praise Apple, they were very sorry and duly arranged a replacement to be shipped, but this meant another 5 days wait for the build, then another week shipping. Sad day all round then.

My main problem with this is that last month I was plagued by two whining MacBook Pro's, so I really wanted this MacBook to ge good to go. I know that mine is an isolated case, but it makes me wonder how good the MacBook in black's paint job is and/or how stringent quality control at Apple HQ is? The white MacBook is made of white plastic, rather than being powder coated, so it should not be afflicted by the same sort of problem.

Oh well, I still love Apple, cannot fault there customer service, but just hope that my next BlackBook (oh no !!! I said it) turns out to be a good 'un.

Feel free to comment with your own experiences with the black or white MacBook, it would be nice to hear from you.