Amber MacArthur and Torrent

Well, another day, another dollar... and for me after a hard days work I try to catch up with some tech news, but it can't be all tech, I have to throw in some fun too and Podcasts, or should I say Video Podcasts are burning hours into my social calendar lately.

I really got into which is a great podcast with a smooth delivery and great news, webpicks, tech tips and other special features. Each weekly episode runs to about 15-20 minutes and is nice a refreshing.

This lead me to search a bit deeper and I came across the g4techtv website and their tv show called 'Torrent'. A description from their website hits the nail on the head.

"Torrent is a weekly one-hour television Internet-culture show for tech-savvy audiences looking for unique first-person pop-tech stories from around the world."

Remember Etch-A-Sketch, well check out episode 7 for how to control this classic device with your computer.

Trouble is, being in the UK I cannot get this programme direct, but soon learnt that all episodes are available on GoogleVideo.

Both these programmes are hosted or co-hosted by Amber MacArthur, who delivers the news and articles with the sort of fluency that one could only ever dream of. I urge you to check out the links below.