My take on Apple's WWDC 2006

Well, a lot to take in this evening, but first off I think I should get the one big disappointment out of the way... What happened to Steve's "One more thing!" we all waited and waited for the infamous words, but things just seemed to be cut short. The important announcements out of the way very quickly, with the Mac Pro and the sneak preview of Leopard, ho hum.

That is not to say that I was disappointed with what we got. The new Mac Pro is stunning performance-wise and completes Apple's transition to Intel processors. They have done this in swarve sophistication, with very little you could even call a hiccup, so well done Apple on that front.

And Leopard, well what can one say, they have teased us with some stunning features, such as Time Machine, Spaces and Core Animation to name just a few, but left us knowing that there is a lot more to come between now and its' Spring 2007 release. I would not have expected them to reveal all, otherwise Microsoft may well have been listening, or er, recording, or er videoing, ahem, enough said.

So roll on the new few weeks when Mac Pros start hitting peoples desks, and roll on next spring when my most anticipated OS release will be landing on my doormat, promising to be my earliest OS pre-order as soon as it shows on the Apple Store website.