It's Showtime - Apple special event almost here!

OK, so it is just 3.5 hours to Apple's Media Event (6pm UK time) and I am getting excited. Not normally one to post rumours I just could not help myself let you all know my predictions, some are in agreement with others, with a few thrown in from myself at the end, so here goes.

- iTunes Store: This is now down showing an 'It's Showtime' message. I think the exclusion of the word 'Music' in this message means it is a forgone conclusion that Apple will announce Movie Downloads. I am hoping for some good big movies, but I think we will only see something like 'Disney with more to follow.

- Video iPod: This will be Steve's main product announcement. My take on it is a full screen, touch sensitive, slightly bigger than current iPod. It will also be all black or all white, no shiny metal back, as we all hate fingerprints.

- Video Dock: The best new accessory for your NEW Video iPod... will allow you to dock your new Video iPod and record from any source (Sky or Cable), then play back directly on the iPod... or synchronise with iTunes and you can playback on your Mac... or DockiT and you can play back on your TV. Wow !

- AirPort Video: We thought all the announcements had been done when the famous "One More Thing..." comes from Steve. The AirPort Video allows you to record on your Mac and stream the recordings to your TV. A very sleek box, with three status lights so you know what is happening at the Mac end of things in case it is in a different room.

That's it for now, enjoy !