New Sneak Peek Apple Set-top Box iTV

So it seems I got another one right, a set-top box from Apple. Like the Mac Mini everyone originally wanted. This is a new typ of announcement for Apple as this new product is a glimpse of the future, to be available in 2007. They have never pre-announced anything like this before, so good on them for their openess. It will be half the size of the Mini with USB, ethernet, wifi and that all important HDMI port. Plus component video, stereo analogue audio and optical audio outputs.

Now onto the name 'iTV', this is great, but I am sure that ITV in the UK will have something to say about it, or will Apple win out by more or less owning the letter 'i' ? The name is only a work-in-progress, so I assume they will change it to something snappier.

It also sounds like this device will not record, rather it is the updated Video Airport Express I posted about earlier, so streaming, rather than recording content... more details as they unfold. [MacRumors]