Apple iPhone Yahoo IMAP Push Email

Wow, what an evening (for us in the UK due to the time difference) and what a keynote by Steve Jobs. Yes, it was a little disappointing, when the other items were squeezed into 20 or 30 minutes to make space for the massive iPhone announcement.

Reading between the lines, the device is fantastic, absolutely superb. Pricing is acceptable, but the wait is too long. The main two problems I am having getting my head around is this. Why Yahoo? Why did we not see .Mac IMAP push email. I mean, come on Apple, I am sure you are capable of doing this.
Second problem is Cingular, for the UK anyway, what carrier are we going to have to support all of these superb services? Well, time will tell how things pan out, and we might even see some minor revisions to the iPhone before its final release.