What has stayed on my desk & desktop

Over the past few years I have reviewed many many products. I thought it would be nice to mention the ones that I ended up purchasing myself. The software, hardware and accessories that were just too good to let go of. So here goes with my favourites that I use every day.

This is a great piece of software, it lives in my dock and is running all the time in the background. If I come across something interesting on the web, I pop it into Yojimbo for later viewing. When I get a new piece of software and need to make a note of the serial number, again Yojimbo does the job for me. The notes feature is good too, before Yojimbo, if I took a phone call and had to write something down I often found that I sent an email to myself. Nowadays I just write the note down in Yojimbo, giving it a meaningful heading. When I move over to my desktop Mac, all my Yojimbo items come with me, thanks to the syncing over .mac support.

Griffin Technology
Although a recent addition to my kit, the Elevator, which I reviewed a couple of days ago, will be staying. I used an iCurve before, and this new stand is just superb. It helps me a great deal by raising my MacBook up to eye level, so it is much more comfortable to use.

Signature Suit
I love my Apple gear, so when it comes to protecting something from knocks and scratches, I am all for it. The Signature Suit from Case-Mate has stayed on my MacBook ever since I reviewed it. It is made of read leather and lined in soft material. The great thing about the Signature Suit, apart from the quality feel, is that it does not add much bulk to my laptop. So this one comes highly recommended.

Other items I use everyday include my MacBook, a Samsung 215TW monitor, 5th Gen iPod, and on the software front Quark Xpress 7, PhotoShop CS3, Adium, Skype, GarageSale, Firefox, NetNewsWire, Cyberduck, Toast Titanium 8, Downsize and Overflow (review of these last three soon).