Intego and Mac OS X Leopard - Do the Tango

Intego, the Macintosh security specialist, today announced that all of its software is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard, the forthcoming version of Apple’s operating system. Leopard will be released on October 26, and Intego has been ready since it released updates to its programs in September.

"We’re very excited to see Leopard in action, and Mac users everywhere will be too," said Laurent Marteau, CEO, Intego. "Intego has worked hard to make sure that, as soon as Leopard is released, our users will be able to protect their Macs and keep the Internet safe."

All of Intego’s programs are fully compatible with Leopard:
• NetBarrier X4
• VirusBarrier X4
• Personal Backup X4
• ContentBarrier X4
• Personal Antispam X4
• FileGuard X4
• Internet Security Barrier suites
• Dual Protection suites

For users who have not updated their software recently, Intego NetUpdate, provided with all Intego programs, will allow them to do so. All they need to do is run NetUpdate and download and install the latest versions of their Intego software, and they’ll be ready to use Leopard.