Be-ez introduce LA Dolce Vita Bag

Be.ez, a leading manufacturer of multimedia accessories in Europe and Asia, announced today the new LA Dolce Vita bags, an innovative space-saving Laptop bag that can transport your notebook during the day and your clothes in the night.

The LA Dolce Vita is an ultra sleek bag that offers style-conscious users a simple solution for carrying and protecting their MacBook in complete safety. Be.ez have included a removable compartment in LA Dolce Vita offering users the ability to change the bag as required, a Mac carry case during the day and a fashionista’s holdall during the night. The bag, made from original Tarpaulin material shines with its versatility, it comes in three different colours - Ristretto, Zucchero and Moka. With its ingenious removable flap (invisible to the naked eye…), the most original of users will be able to change their companion to reflect their personality and style, over and over again…

Nicolas Cottard, CEO, Be-ez, commented: “Here at Be-ez we are dedicated to producing the most fashionable yet intelligent protection for mobile devices, it is all about being sleek in the Apple world this season. We offer the best available material and design that people on the move will really appreciate. Featuring a cross-shoulder carrying style, Be-ez LA Dolce Vita clings snugly to your body bringing comfort with style. The removable compartment means you can carry your notebook to work and your running trainer’s home. The LA Dolce Vita bag is the ultimate in practicality and style.”

Pricing and availability
The LA Dolce Vita is available on 15th November and costs £49.95, a list of retailers can be found here.