iFold Stand - Ease the neck pain!

Matias today announced the iFold, a laptop stand that folds flat for travel. By raising your notebook to monitor height and attaching a keyboard & mouse, you get the comfort level of a desktop computer, without losing the convenience of your laptop.

"We've created an instant classic," said Vesna Vojnic, Marketing Director for Matias. "Made from beautiful black acrylic, the iFold is simply gorgeous. The folding mechanism is zinc alloy and fully visible. You can see one in person at flagship Apple Stores. It's really cool. "

"With laptops out-selling desktops, the landscape has really changed. Lots of problems that were solved in the desktop era are now reappearing. For example, displays are too low, so people are getting neck pain from looking down. Laptop keyboards are cramped and lack a number pad. Most of the products out now are not portable. In the coming weeks, Matias will be offering solutions to all these new problems," said Vojnic.

Price & Availability
The iFold is $59.95 (US) available today from the Apple Store, eCost.com, Amazon.com, and Matias.ca.