MacLive Expo Day Two

So, I finally made it to MacLive Expo. What a surprise to find a much smaller event and NO APPLE. Come on Apple, wake up, Leopard is launching today and you had the opportunity to get some real press coverage.

Anyway, putting that big disappointment aside the exhibitors that are here, are very enthusiastic. Our sponsors Realmac Software, Eazy Draw, Simms International and Quark are showing their latest wares. It seems appropriate to point out that Realmac Software are one of my fave bunch of people, nice, honest and working to bring their excellent software to the Mac. Over at EazyDraw, Dave is underplaying his big news. Support for MacDraw is a big thing, it gives users the opportunity to use their old files, whilst moving over to Apple's own iWork for the rest of their office type files. Simms International make me smile, they always have. Being a long time user of their products it was nice to see them all kitted up promoting the Crumpler range, and the BuiltNY range of laptop accessories. I just love their enthusiasm, it is nice to see. Quark have a nice big arena, for product demos and they were just as busy as last year.

Of the other exhibitors here, Computer Warehouse are very busy, poised for the Mac OS X Leopard launch later today. Netgear have some of their juicy items here, including their NAS drive, which certainly looks the part. It was also nice to see both Parallels and VMWare showing how popular their products are. Mac users don't like to boast about being able to run Windows, but most of us need to sometimes, so both these products are on my list for pre-Christmas reviews. Konica Minolta have their great range of printers on the show floor and certainly seemed one of the busier stands.

Check back later for more coverage and photos.