Blackberry 8800 Revealed

Today the Blackberry 8800 was reveled by Research in Motion. This new addition to the Blackberry family certainly looks like a much sleeker designer than the previous 8700. Blackberry handsets always have really nice screens, and if the 8700 is anything to go by this new handset will not disappoint. The 8800 screen offers a 320x240 resolution. Also on offer is a 1.3 megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom, quad band, EDGE, and bluetooth built-in.
Early expectations were citing wifi, but it seems that this has not made it into the initially released handsets.

This superb handset offers you lots of features including;

  • Email and text messaging
  • Instant messaging
  • Internet browser
  • Advanced sound technology to cancel out external noises
  • Organizer
  • Voice activated dialing
  • Multimedia player
  • GPS (works in conjunction with Blackberry Maps)
  • Blackberry Maps
  • Expandable memory with Micro-SD cards
  • Trackball (like the Pearl)
  • High capacity battery
The list of features certainly looks on par with the Apple iPhone, and I must admit to like the physical QWERTY keyboard for that more tactile feel. I was sold on the iPhone, but the Blackberry 8800 has made me think twice. Now we just need a UK release date.
Full specifications for the 8800 can be found here.