Who Cares ? The Apple Store of course !

Having attended the Apple Store Bentall Centre opening on the weekend just gone, I wanted to say a quick thank you for all your kind comments about the photographs. They have been attracting so many visitors and have appeared on websites as far afield as Australia, Spain, and Italy.

What make's an Apple Store opening so special is the way in which the staff make everyone feel special. This obviously carries over into the way they serve and talk to you on a regular day too. I mean, how many times have you been clapped, applauded, or given a high five when walking into a Currys store?

Apple Store employees also treat everyone equal. I witnessed users (and prospective users) from all walks of life on that opening day. Even on my previous visits to various branches, I have seen both young and old all being treated with respect and enthusiasm. What other shop would a sales guy (or girl) talk properly to an eight or nine year old, on their level?

So many questions, and the only answer is Apple... if you want to experience this for yourself, get on down to an Apple Store this weekend, don't just click 'n' buy, go and talk to some great people, who care that you really get the best out of what you buy.

Apple Retail UK details here, US details here.