Apple Store Down - New Products ?

Sunday, 25th February 2007, 9.00am. The Apple Store is down stating they are busy updating the store. What we are all wondering is whether this is general store maintenance, or maybe some quiet system upgrade (perhaps the Mac Mini) that we have been waiting for. We will update you if there are any changes when the store comes back online.

**UPDATE** 10.30am and the Apple Store is still down. Typically previous updates have been completed within the hour, so this could indicate something quite big. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a technical hitch.

**UPDATE 2** 11.00am the store is now back online. I cannot see any major changes. The only things of note is that the 802.11n Airport Extreme Base Station is now down to 3-5 days shipping, plus in the refurb section all the items seem to be refreshed with better description and a lot more choices.