Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 - MacBook twin?

Fujitsu today revealed its new LifeBook P7230, available in black or white, in an all new sleek design. What amazed me is the similarity in styling (apart from the keyboard) between this new offering and the Apple MacBook. It seems like Fujitsu have paid a lot of attention to detail in the design.

"The LifeBook® P7230 notebook offers exceptional performance with its Crystal View display, extended battery life (up to 9.75 hours), and the latest Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology. The LifeBook P7230 notebook is the ultimate travel companion weighing as little as 2.63 lbs."

Three models are available, all sporting 10.6-inch screens, Core Solo processors, 40GB - 80GB hard drives, and all running Windows Vista. The battery life claim seems amazing, and although speed performance would not be on par with a MacBook, it all adds up to a pretty nice package. The Fujitsu website allows you to configure various parts of the system, but not the processor, which is a shame. I am not really into PC's, but if this had a Core2Duo chip, I may well have been tempted.