Miglia TVMax+ with digital tuner

Today, Miglia Technology, announced TVMax+. A content collection hub, for use with iPod, AppleTV and Apple computers. TVMax+ allows you to view your favourite shows on every screen in your home, from your living room to your iPod to your Mac. TVMax+ also doubles as a digital TV tuner, so you can watch, pause and record TV shows to watch exactly as you want choose.

We have reviewed the first generation TVMax on Geekanoids, well this takes things one step further, adding a digital tuner, which can't be a bad thing.

“In tests TVMax was used to capture a short 30 minute clip of our favourite TV show and was set to put that clip onto an iPod Video, the whole process took 31.5 minutes and we were watching the finished result (at 640x480). The same clip captured using an alternative software capture solution took 61 minutes from start to finish before we could view the show on our iPod, that’s almost 100% faster using TVMax.”