FoxTrot 1.5 Released - Power Searching

Today, CTM Development released FoxTrot Personal Search 1.5, an advanced Mac find-by-content application including the most recent optimisations to its high-speed FoxTrot search engine.

According to Chantal Favre, VP of CTM, "Even though FoxTrot Personal Search is a great addition to any knowledge worker's MacBook or iMac, version 1.5 now contains many improvements especially relevant to Mac users in the legal, media and scientific fields."

This new release features:
- 14 user-experience and functionality enhancements
- Searches excluding literal strings and words
- Proximity searches
- OR searches of literal strings
- Relevance-ranking tuning
- Improved support for e-mail messages from CTM's flagship PowerMail application
- 5 other improvements and changes

The application can be downloaded here. A full license costs $36 or 29 euros.