UKsnapshot Site Launched - Apple Event Photos

UKsnapshot, a new site, has launched with a very interesting site and service. It is run by Wiki Design, the same company behind Geekanoids and offers visitors the opportunity to view and purchase photo quality prints from various galleries.

The Event Galleries will cover various events around the UK, such as charity runs, the upcoming Tour De France, the 2007 Merida Mountain Bike race, and many other events throughout the UK. There is one gallery up already of the Apple Store Bentall Centre opening, with many more to follow. The idea behind the Event Galleries is to give you the chance to get a picture either of yourself, or that interests you. Many people attend or take part in events and don't even think of capturing the moment, so this is where UKsnapshot do it for you.

When an event is covered, UKsnapshot will hand out cards to spread the word that they are there. Within 48 hours of the event, the gallery will go up online, ready for viewing and ordering prints. The photo quality prints start at just £5.95 delivered.

There are also sections currently being worked on for Landmarks, and Specialized Artwork which includes music, skate and Apple sections. The UKsnapshot website is well worth checking and bookmarking for future reference.