The Missing Sync for Blackberry out of beta

Although I have not been an avid user, I have been an admirer from afar of the quality that The Missing Sync software delivers to Mac users. One thing I have been wanting for a long time is a Blackberry Pearl, but I have resisted due to lack of (decent) Mac support. Well, wait no longer, The Missing Sync for Blackberry version 1 is available today and is now no longer in beta form.

Quoted from the website, some of the features are below, or click here for the full rundown;

Supports the latest BlackBerry devices via USB
Whether you have a BlackBerry 7100 series, a BlackBerry Pearl or the brand new BlackBerry 8800, The Missing Sync for BlackBerry will bring reliable Mac synchronization to your device. See the complete list of supported devices.

Address Book and iCal synchronization
Stay organized by synchronizing your contacts, calendar, tasks and alarms with Address Book and iCal. Address Book groups and iCal calendars sync with categories on the BlackBerry.

Microsoft Entourage 2004 synchronization
Just activate Sync Services syncing in Microsoft Entourage 2004, and The Missing Sync for BlackBerry will be able to synchronize contacts, events, tasks and notes with your BlackBerry handset.

Includes Mark/Space Notebook for free!
Mark/Space Notebook is a Mac OS X application that allows you to create, edit, categorize and search notes on your Mac, and it syncs up with your BlackBerry via The Missing Sync.

iPhoto album syncing*
The Missing Sync for BlackBerry will download selected photo albums directly from iPhoto to the microSD card in your device for mobile viewing. It will even resize photos to fit your device's screen, so they'll display quickly and take up little space on the memory expansion card.