Folkestone Kent - Hit by Earthquake

Not exactly tech news, but being based in Folkestone I felt I should bring you this news. At around 8.18am this morning (GMT) we were the victims of an earthquake. Reported to have measured 4.1-4.3 on the richter scale, things shook for around 15 seconds.

My own experience was pictures crashing to the floor, ornaments and bottles falling over, but most saddening was losing half of my morning cup of tea and my internet connection. All of my family were pretty scared, this being our first experience (and hopefully last) of such an event.

On a more serious note, there was also an explosion of someone's gas boiler pretty near to us. There was also a complete house collapse and many chimney stacks had fallen in the roads nearby. Emergency crews have been very busy making sure everyone is safe and also evacuating unsafe buildings. I would like to put my thought out there, to hope that everyone is safe and well.