Apple Mac Mini Rant

It has been a long time since I have written an opinion piece on Geekanoids… well this is more of a rant, through pure frustration of wanting to buy a new item from Apple's portfolio.
With the WWDC coming up soon, I was really hoping that Apple would not save ALL of its announcements until then. They will be concentrating on the iPhone, which I want, but will have to wait for (being UK based), then I anticipate that the rest of the keynote will cover Leopard, which again I will purchase and install when available.
The recent announcements regarding the inclusion of LED displays in 2007, may well see the announcement of a refreshed MacBook and MacBook Pro, which again will be great, but on a personal note, my MacBook has to do at least another year before being replaced.
What I have really been waiting for is a new Mac Mini, with a Core2Duo chipset, or perhaps a Mini Tower, somewhere in between a Mini and a Pro. It seems a little suspicious to me that Apple have left the Mac Mini dragging its heals. Perhaps you could read into the lack of revision, that we may well see something special happening to the Mini at the WWDC. Then again, we have been here before, expecting big announcements and then in the aftermath of getting nowt, waiting as each week passes, hoping for a Tuesday announcement… so come on Apple, deliver us some small revisions before WWDC, or at least make it a two hour keynote and revise the complete Mac range in one go.