Geekanoids Seeking Tech Writers

Over the next six months we are looking at developing the Geekanoids website even further, trying to bring an even wider mix of editorial and reviews to our readers. There is only so much my small team can do, so to deliver the quality we want, we need you!

If you have a passion for Apple kit, or a real technology or gadget addiction, and you feel you have the ability to contribute a small amount of time to this website, then please get in touch.

Let us know what you have done previously, maybe link us to some of your previous work. The final requirement would be to submit a small article (something not previously written) about a new piece of kit that has just entered your life.

This is a non-paying gig at the moment, so please take this into consideration before you apply. However, it will attract exposure for your work, along with the love and satisfaction of being able to contribute to Geekanoids. Send your applications via email to