The Night Before WWDC 2007

So, it is the night before the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off. All is quiet on the news front at the moment, but is this the calm before the storm (this is the only type of storm I really like). Hopefully, Steve Jobs will really mix things up this year. Yes, we are going to get the iPhone, Leopard release date and full details, and most likely iWork 07, but what else is he going to throw in.

One more thing…
Hopefully, there will be more than one 'One more thing'. Will it be a new aluminium iMac, a revised Mac Mini, full screen iPod, or perhaps something completely new on the software front. Will the 'One more thing' announcement be connected to the iPhone, with YouTube video streaming direct to the device. This may sound selfish, but I hope that not too much is centered around the iPhone, as being in the UK we cannot really get too excited yet.

Keep checking back on Geekanoids tomorrow, we will bring you the latest WWDC07 news from Steve Jobs keynote speech as it happens… I personally cannot wait.