Apple WWDC 2007 Coverage

Well, it is about 5 minutes until the WWDC 2007 starts and Steve Jobs takes to the stage. We will be giving you as much coverage as we can here, from the various feeds we are following, including some live audio feeds that we have access to. I hope everyone enjoys the announcements to follow.

6pm GMT (10am San Francisco): the Keynote is starting, lights dimming. New commercial playing, sounds very funny, joking about Vista.

6.03pm: Steve takes to the stage.

6.05pm: Announcements about attendance and ADC members, going over Intel switch.

6.06pm: Intel CEO Paul Otellini on stage.

6.07pm: Apple Store worldwide is down. Paul Otellini given special Apple Award designed by Ive.

6.09pm: Eleectronic Arts, developing for Mac again. This includes Command & Conquer, Need for Speed Carbon, Harry Potter and Battlefield 2142 - all in July.

6.12pm: Wow, Mac games will come from EA at the same launch date as PC titles. Madden 08 and Tiger Woods 08 in August.

6.14pm: John Carmack from iD Games on stage, showing some new technology for the first time. A game can be built first, then the graphics get done.

6.16pm: Moving on to Leopard. 22 million active OSX users at present. Leopard will ship in October with 300 new features. Showing 10 new features now.

6.19pm: New features include; Transparent menu bar and dock. Dock is also thinner, or should I say narrower. New 3D look. Dock allows 'stacks' which are like folder organisation right in the dock. Stacks pop out into a neat window or column that has transparent background, can be used to open files or even applications.

6.27pm: New finder windows look similar to iTunes. You can navigate through files like in Coverflow.

6.29pm: New .Mac feature 'Back to my Mac"… Seems like .Mac is automatically updated with your Macs IP address, so it knows where you are. Allows you to easily get files from your work Mac through your .Mac service.

6.35pm: New feature, Quick Look, allows you to preview most file types without opening the application you used to create it. Quick Look even plays movies!

6.39pm: Leopard is fully 64-Bit, but works with both 32 & 64-Bit applications. Massive speed improvement shown opening a large image. Running filters on the image, almost 3x faster in 64-Bit.

6.41pm: Core Animation. Stunning animation effects whilst searching for a video.

6.44pm: Boot Camp. Built right into Leopard. Runs XP and Vista. Comments on Parallels and VMWare, saying that users have three solutions to run Windoze. Quite funny as the screens on those Windoze show it running Solitaire :-)

6.47pm: Spaces… (we have seen this before). Group alike apps into their own space. Re-arrange with ease with drag & drop.

6.49pm: Dashboard. New Movie Time widget, plays trailers right in the widget. Web Clip (which we have seen before) lets you clip bits from the web and make widgets out of them, very clever.

6.55pm: Feature 9 - iChat. Better audio, backdrops, effects and tabbed chats (yes!). Demo with Phil Schiller. Sharing right from within iChat (with iChat Theater), they are sharing a slideshow. If it works in Quick Look, it seems that it will share in iChat. Even sharing a video.

6.59pm: Now using a backdrop. Phil with fishes swimming behind him.

7.00pm: Time Machine. You can back up more than one Mac with a Network Attached Hard Drive. Search back in time (seen it all before).

7.07pm: Developer copies of Leopard available today.

7.10pm: Safari 3 (that will ship with Leopard) announced for Windows. Runs on XP and Vista. Faster than Internet Explorer. Public Beta of Safari 3 released today.

7.16pm: iPhone. Will ship June 29. Custom apps will be possible, no Software Developers Kit required, just need to be written as a web application. Apps run on the iPhone within Safari.

7.25pm: Keynote is over.