Geekanoids MacBook Pro Project - part 2

An important update for you all… well, actually more for myself really. As you may be aware, we are running a project where some companies from the UK and abroad have sponsored some space to have their logos laser etched onto our MacBook Pro.

Well, late yesterday our MBPro landed in the UK and made its way out of the box early this morning. The fit and finish on the laptop are perfect, the screen (matte) is great and the LED back-lighting is pretty special. I thought that my previous Apple laptops were bright, but this thing is crazy. I have found that just four or five notches on the brightness control are more than enough.

The CPU temperature seems to remain around the 50-55 degree mark, and the fans around 2000rpm. So things are pretty darn quiet. Overall, I am very impressed.

The project is nearing completion, we are just tying up a few minor details. Check back soon and we will have full details, a gallery and some video footage of the new beast in all its "Etched" glory.