DataWind - PocketSurfer 2 Pricing and Dates

DataWind, today announced the launch of the PocketSurfer2, an ultra-thin, ultra-portable internet communications device. PocketSurfer2 is a handheld device that delivers the full power and original graphic intensity of the internet rapidly and wirelessly to the palm of your hand, for free.

The PocketSurfer2 allows you to browse the web in its original HTML layout, with full graphics, Java support and other complex web functionality on a 640 x 240 colour widescreen display. An integrated mouse pointer and a full format, backlit QWERTY keyboard makes it the most usable hand-held web device around. PocketSurfer2 fits easily into a pocket or bag and delivers the real web, just like you’re used to at home or at work. The rich user experience of the PocketSurfer2 offers a real alternative to consumers tired of the limited functionality, unfamiliar content and small screens on mobile phones or smartphones.

It doesn’t hang about either, with page-load times of under seven seconds over GPRS thanks to DataWind’s patented acceleration technology, you’ll be flying around the web just as you would at your desk. Comparative devices regularly take up to two minutes to download similar web pages. At its launch event and select trade shows, DataWind even offers an industry-wide speed challenge to illustrate its claim as the fastest mobile handheld web access device.

Suneet S. Tuli, CEO of DataWind, commented, “Our goal was to deliver the real web, fast and free. With PocketSurfer2 mobile users can surf the internet anytime, anyplace and enjoy the same rich media graphics and browser functionality of the desktop experience. This device is going to revolutionise the way we work, play, communicate and take advantage of the wireless web.”

Pricing and availability
The PocketSurfer2 is priced at £179.99 and will be available in high street stores, and independent consumer electronics and mobile phone stores throughout the UK starting August 16th, 2007. Additionally, the PocketSurfer2 will also be available through online retailers and television direct marketing. From July 25th, 2007, pre-orders can be placed through Amazon UK to obtain first delivery before high-street availability.

PocketSurfer2, Key Features:

  • Independent self-contained unit with built-in GPRS modem and SIM
  • GPS location information
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • 5 hours battery life for active usage, and 5 days standby
  • Built-in high performance antenna
  • Transreflective backlit display
  • 640 x 240 VGA colour
  • Mini USB charger
  • Mouse pointer
  • Backlit QWERTY keyboard
  • Sub 7 second page-load
  • Web browsing in original layout
  • Weight – 174 grams
  • Dimensions - 152 x 75 x 15 m