Ecamm Call Recorder Updated

Ecamm Network have just released v2.1 of their Call Recorder, their handy little app that allows you to record both sides of a Skype conversation to your Mac.

This new version offers the following (taken from their site); Adds an option to automatically discard short recordings. Adds an option to keep the Call Recorder window in the foreground during Skype calls. Call Recorder will now properly respect Skype's mute button. Fixes a recording problem which could cause distorted sound when using certain input and output devices on a Power PC Mac. Fixes a warning message that could be displayed while recording voicemail messages with Skype v2.6 or later. Fixes a problem which caused the Call Recorder windows position to be forgotten after quitting Skype. Fixes an issue with default encoding settings on newer Macs. Fixes an issue which could cause Skype to hang after a conference call.

A demo is available, with the full product costing $14.95