- social fun with icing

Well, well, well, just when you thought social networking sites were old news, along comes a new site on the scenes. is a new website, still in beta and invite only, that is really quite different. The basis of the site is to create your profile and earn points. The points you earn can then be bid on users games. Some of the games are very inventive and some are like 'What's my favourite sandwich?' type questions. You can earn points by setting up games yourself, uploading pictures, and answering quick random questions.

The site seems to lack any interactivity with other users, it would be nice to be able to add friends a little easier, but I suppose it is early days. You can ping them, which costs points and sends them a little emoticon. That said, this is not really what it is all about. Do we really need another site to send invites out to the local pub, NO. So gives you a chance to burn a little time, and have a laugh. The presentation really is superb, if you are into web design, you will love it.

At the moment, I am trying to win a game where you have to ask a young lady to paint her nails a particular colour/design. So I have gone the complete geek route and asked for white with red Apple logos. If I win, no doubt some pictures will make it over to the Geekanoids website.

If you are lucky enough to get an invite, at least try it out. Keep checking back here though, as we hope to bring you some more news and background on the people behind this new website.