My thoughts - New Apple Products 14th October 2008

No doubt you have learnt about the slew of new notebook products launched by Apple tonight. We have a revised MacBook Air for starters. Then there is a complete redesign of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Thrown in for good measure, a new Cinema Display that matches the current iMac, almost a mirror image.

Exactly what I think of these announcements echoes itself in the last two words from my introductory paragraph above "mirror image". I have a 24-inch iMac, a lovely machine. Superb design, wonderful feel to it, brilliant power. The display is fantastic too, but it does annoy me when I can see my face in it. Maybe because I am not an adonis, but more likely I want to only see what I happen to be working on at the time.
When the MacBook was originally introduced, I got one. No sooner had I got the MacBook, I had the opportunity to get a matte screen MacBook Pro. Happy days again, with a professional display. Never have I looked back and yearned for a glossy MacBook display, nor trading my Pro in for the mirrored screen version.

What worries me about these new product announcements is centred solely around the screen. It is acceptable for the MacBook, but for the MacBook Pro it is insane. Users need to quickly snap up remaining stock or purchase the 17-inch version, which is the only one to remain matte.
The new Cinema Display looks superb too. Being an iMac owner, I may well get one, as it would match perfectly. Thousands of design studios though, will not be at all happy. The new display is a consumer or prosumer product, it does not serve the professional market at all.

That said, all of the new products are stunning. Greatly enhanced, superb graphic abilities, nice trackpad, more rigid, lots of positives. I just feel the pro market is being left behind for mass market appeal.