Apple Leopard 10.5.2 Experience

I welcomed the news that Apple's Leopard OS had received an update in the form of 10.5.2. For a long time now I have been swearing at Leopard on my MacBook Pro, with the nuisance of airport connection dropouts and the like. So this new version was just urging me to install.
The I read about the problems; updates freezing, Macs not starting up after the update, user accounts disappearing and the like... so I thought long and hard before going for it. I took the safe option though, as my MBPro is my main computer, I opted to upgrade my Mac Mini first. Starting with a backup of all my user files, followed by a bootable clone of the internal drive. I downloaded the standalone combo updater (rather than going through Software Update), then I was ready to go.
It is early days yet, but around 20 minutes in total saw the Mac Mini restart just once. It booted up first go and (touch wood) all seems fine. The only application that seemed to stop working is MailSteward, but apart from that, all I have tried has worked fine. Things seem snappier to, with responses to application launching a lot quicker. Next week will see my MacBook Pro upgrade, I will let you know how it goes.