Todays new Apple MacBook Pro - Wowza!

I love my MacBook Pro, so when todays new offerings were announced I was both happy, but also green with envy. The new models offer all the usual things we would expect, with speed bumps across the range, bigger hard drives, but offer a whole lot more besides.

Having always favoured the Pro, due to its dedicated GPU, the new version now allows you to have up to 512MB of GDDR3 RAM on the NVidia 8600M GT graphics card, that is awesome. Although this is not reflected in the Apple Store correctly yet, their specification pages state that you get 256MB of GDDR3 on the 2.4GHz version, and 512MB on the 2.5GHz and 2.6GHz versions, it remains to be seen if this is a no cost option. You also get 6MB of shared Level 2 cache, which will help with performance even further. With processor speeds now configurable up to a 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, these babies will really fly.

The big addition to this revision is the multi-touch trackpad. You can now pinch, swipe and rotate your way around (like on the MacBook Air). This is something I really liked the look of and was hoping they would include this in both the MacBook and MacBook Pro, but for now, only the Pro version gets it. For now I will have to be happy with my current machine, which really is not that old, but I know that pretty soon the credit card will be beckoning me to play with it.

UPDATE: You now have to pay £15 for the Apple Remote... shame that such a small cost item is now a chargeable option.