Apple Backup 3 Disappears

Am I mistaken, or has Apple removed the link to download the latest version of its Backup application? After the MobileMe announcement, I promised myself that I would make more use of iDisk, for storing some files off-site. It is/was my intention, that when MobileMe is released, I would upgrade my storage space and push some important files into the cloud. This followed considering using Amazons S3 service, but for some reason deciding against it.

After logging into my .Mac account and following the route to download Backup 3, I found my browser in a loop. Then I searched and went direct to this page, but all it does is go to a ".Mac will soon be MobileMe page". Nothing would download! So, perhaps in anticipation of MobileMe launching, maybe a new version of Backup is on its way. Yes, I know Backup resides in my iDisk, but I thought it strange that I was unable to find the download anywhere.