EeePC (or MacBook Air) Contender from Dell Mini Inspiron

It seems like every Joe is trying to get into the mini-PC market these days. Ever since the EeePC from Asus came onto the marker, there have been new announcements from HP (with the MiniNote), MSI (ahem, with the Wind) and now Dell sneak us a peak of their mini Inspiron (pictured here). A lot of websites are saying that it competes with the EeePC, but if you look at how things are developing, these new miniature PC's are getting a little larger with each incarnation. They also seem to be making sure that they have more ports than the MacBook Air.
Now, I am not saying that any PC, let alone the rather nice looking offering from Dell, would ever be better than a MacBook Air, but it does make me take notice. Wouldn't it be fantastic is Steve Jobs took notice and released the MacBook Air 2 at WWDC 2008 with two or three extra USB ports, a removable battery, and maybe an extra option or two on the hard drive front.