Apple release OS X Leopard 10.5.4 Update

Fantastic news hit the scene late yesterday. Apple released the 10.5.4 update to OS X Leopard. This comes with some great fixes, and it is certainly nice to see Apple continually strive to improve the speed and reliability of Leopard. For a full rundown of what the 10.5.4 delivers check out the Apple article here. The update is available via 'Software Update' that resides in your Apple menu, or you can download the combo update here. A smaller 'Delta' download, for those of you already on 10.5.3 can be found here.

Some of the main inclusions are as follows;

  • Resolves an issue with saving and reopening Adobe Creative Suite 3 files on a remote server.
  • Includes additional RAW image support for several cameras.
  • Addresses AirPort reliability issues with 5GHz networks.
  • Improves overall iCal reliability for meeting requests, cancellation notices, delegation, and syncing with iPhone.
  • Resolves an issue that prevents deleting an iCal event without notifying the creator.
  • Addresses a potential performance issue when loading secure web pages in Safari.
  • Addresses an issue in Spaces, in which switching from a space with a Finder window keeps the Finder as the active application instead of the application residing in the destination space.
  • Fixes another Spaces issue in which dragging an application from the list of application assignments in Spaces System Preferences does not assign the application to the desired space.