Airun + - at last an alternative to Nike+

I previously covered the Nike+ iPod at the 2006 Mac Expo and it seems that whilst this product has stood still, other companies have been developing this technology to a new level. Airun have launched a new and rather snazzy looking trainer, that records a lot of vital exercise stats. Not only is speed recorded, but also the weight you are putting down through your right foot. Your BMI and daily calorie burn is also calculated. Not only does this look like a very promising product, but the trainers look very stylish too.

From the company press release... The first product to launch out of the Airun lab is Airun +. Featuring the latest in Weighted Technology, on board Smart Technology Controller and a world first in Sensory Technology, Airun + is a serious contender in the motivational fitness market and a leader in the demand for healthy footwear.

When the creators of Airun Plus researched how many people knew what their goal or calorie burn should be when exercising, 99% of people studied didn’t know. The truth is, most of us fail to maintain our exercise plans and don’t achieve our optimum fitness and weight because we lack goals, guidance and motivation.
Based on this problem, the developers of Airun Plus designed a trainer that would offer all levels of wearer, from first timers to professional athletes, the structure, information and statistics necessary to begin a successful exercise plan or up the intensity of a previously planned workout. By using the Smart Technology Controller to calculate current fitness levels andexercise stats, Airun Plus aims to put the motivation back in to exercise.

The Airun+ trainers are going to set you back £125 and are available in yellow or black, in UK sizes 3.5 to 10. Well worth checking out, if you are serious about your training.